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Fine Arts,Photography and Culture Society:

The Fine Arts and Photography Society: The Fine Arts Society is constituted every year with students intakes of upto 10 members through auditions on the basis of their experience and interest in the fields of Photography, Craft, Painting etc. The Society is led by staff advisors from the Fine Arts Committee. This Society hosts a unique SLC Art Exhibition event every year during winter which runs for two days. This is a platform for all budding artists in the college to display their own creative art works. The society also organizes competitions such as poster making, photography and so on. If you have any art in you, this is the platform to be.

Teacher Coordinators:-
  1. Dr. Gayatri Chaturvedi, Convenor
  2. Mr. Abbasuddin Tapadar, Member
  3. Mr. Anuj Kushwaha, Member
  4. Ms. Suman Rani, Member
  5. Dr. Sunaina Zutshi, Member
  6. Dr. Rekha Kaushik, Member
  7. Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Member
  8. Ms. Jyoti Sindhu, Member
Students Coordinators:-
  1. Kapil, B.Com.(P) 3rd yr – 7503 1739 68
  2. Arpit Goel, B.Com.(P) 3rd yr – 8791 2275 40
  3. Khushi Sharma, B.Com.(H) 3rd yr – 9999 6288 08
  4. Sakshi Tiwari, B.A.(P) 3rd yr – 9582 7517 12
  5. Ravish Raj, B.A.(H) 2nd yr – 9205 9066 59
  6. Monika, B.A.(H) 2nd yr – 7532 9831 98
  7. Himanshu Srivastava, B.A.(H) 1st yr – 9125 8898 12
  8. Y. Priyanand Singh, B.A.(H)1st yr – 9039 7573 78
  9. Mayank Patel, B.A.(H)1st yr – 8826 7372 46
  10. Hitesh Mishra, B.A.(H)1st yr – 9910 3201 92

Teachers' Day Celebration, 5th Sept. 2017.

On the occasion of Teachers' Day the students of Fine Arts, Photography and Culture Society participated in the Orientation programme and Card Making Competition. Dr. Gayatri Chaturvedi, Mr. Abbassuddin Tapadar and Mr. Anuj Kushwaha conducted the Orientation programme to highlight the activities of the Society for the present session. This was followed by Card making competition. A large number of students took part with great enthusiasm. Following is the list of five Winners:

  1. Ist, Ravish Raj
  2. 2nd, Hb. Tohringtha
  3. 3rd Mayank Patel
  4. 4th, Yuwnam Prinandaa Singh
  5. 5th, Hitesh Mishra

Dr. Gayatri Chaturvedi


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