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The College library has upgraded itself with new facilities and infrastructure in the interest of the students. The students of the college are utilizing the following resources: 

  • Remote access to E-Resources to users through N-LIST(UGC - INFLIBNET)
  • Reading room has been made accommodating and engaging computers with internet for immediate reference.
  • Access to E-Resources & E-Journals through DULS to ease the research experience of the teachers, students and scholars. Students, teachers and scholars of the college can easily get access to which is a huge collection of prominent Journals of different disciplines for their academic endeavor.
  • Computerization and digitization of the Library. Books are issued with the help of bar code reader.
  • Classification and cataloguing of books
  • The library cards are issued with bar code.
  • To make available the printing and photocopying facility.
  • Orientation programmes are conducted for the students and faculty mostly the beginning of the academic session. They are acquainted with the library browsing experience.
  • Procurement and management of library resources for the differently abled students.
  • Installation of Suggestion/Feedback box for the users.

The Library has been divided into two sections to make it user-friendly: Text book section and Reference section.
CCTV cameras have been installed in the Library to prevent theft (pilferage) and also to help in the overall monitoring & surveillance of the Library.

Library Knowledge Resource Centre has space enough for individual reading. It has a reading room with a capacity to accommodate 75 students/teachers and is equipped with all ICT facilities.

Circulation Counter Area is on the first floor of the Library with fully equipped system to make the process of issuing and returning of books smooth and hassle free experience for both students and teachers.

OPAC- Area/E-Resources Area/ N-List is on the first floor of the Library where two OPAC systems are installed in which the students/teachers can check the location and the availability of books.

Reading Hall is on the ground floor and can be accessed from the right side of the inside of the library. The Hall has the capacity to accommodate 75 people both students and teachers. There is also a Knowledge Resource Centre inside the Library on the ground floor that has the seating capacity of 50 with separate computer system in every cubicle.
Reference Area is on the first floor of the library and is fully airconditioned.

Stack Hall is on the first floor of the library and has a collection of 76,000 books of all the courses that are offered in the College.
Current magazines & Newspaper Area is on the first floor of the library near the Stack Hall. It has wide collection of national and international journals, Book Review journals and almost all the prominent English and Hindi Newspapers.

Main Computer Lab which is situated on the first floor of the main building is accessed by the teachers and students to browse E-Resources and N-List journals that the College subscribes to through DULS.

Apart from the resources made available to the students by the college library, the students of the college also make use of resources provided by University of Delhi.
The following links (resources) are available to the students of our college:

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