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IQAC Members

The IQAC of ShyamLal College was proposed on 30/04/16 and was formalized after the approval of the Governing Body, SLC on 06/05/16. The first meeting of the Committee was held on 11/05/16 and the following are the members:

1. Dr. Rabi Narayan Kar (Chairperson)
2. Dr. Alka Sharma (Coordinator)
3. Dr. Arkaja Goswami
4. Dr. Samrendra Kumar
5. Dr. Ruchika Ramakrishnan
6. Dr. Kusha Tiwari
7. Dr. Sitaram Kumbhar
8. Mr. Jagat Singh Chauhan (A.O.)

External Members:

1. Prof.V. K. Kaul, Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi, South Campus. (View Profile)
2. Mr. Rajeev Saxena, Director, Mazars India. (View Profile)

Other Stakeholders:
Student Representative

Ms. Vibha Mahawar, B.Sc(Physical Science), 3rd Year

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